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Sharp Creative adds Peerless Contract to our portfolio of dynamic and exciting finishes!

With over 50 years of experience, Canadian carpet manufacturer, Peerless Contract, now offers Sharp Creative’s clients a dynamic selection of durable, sharp looking, carpet tiles as well as custom broadloom styles.

Known for generations as the benchmark producer for the hospitality niche, they have now come into their own by expanding that capability to include corporate, senior living, K-12, higher education, property management & tenant improvement, multi – high rise, government, healthcare, public spaces and retail.

Peerless more than meets Sharp Creative’s high standards for affiliation as we undertake the task of bringing the greatest custom creation capabilities to our design clients. The Peerless D. I. Design textured carpet bases, combined with the unlimited dye injection process, offer the ultimate in creative expression. Any artful idea can be adapted to create a fully complemented flooring strategy on any type of project.

The team at Peerless works with Sharp to develop your design innovations with the greatest of detail and in a timely manner. Your design concepts are also brought together with the right performance requirements to match project use and budget. Color creation is limited by your imagination and individual, unique design is always encouraged. We have seen design concepts come to life based on the pattern in a client’s wardrobe or from a rough sketch on a picnic napkin! The sky is the limit!

Please ask us to introduce this wonderful capability and resource to your firm; you will be pleased you did! For more information, call or text Russell Sharp at 508-889-7800 or Jamie Gilmore at 617-922-9838 or email us at

NOTE: The images shown are from Peerless Contract's

Midnight Purpose Collection.

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