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Healthcare South / Braintree Completed

Sharp Creative mobilized all their resources and gave a full-team effort

This past June, Sharp Creative was asked to provide advice, inspiration and help that would span concept to completion in the creation of the new general practice offices for Healthcare South / Braintree at 340 Wood Road in Braintree.

Our first step was to determine the existing conditions of the planned space since the area was located on the lower level of the building and environmental considerations were critical. All of the materials including flooring, ceramic tile, quartz counter tops, cabinets and wall covering would have to be chosen so when installed, they would perform properly considering the daily wear and tear of a busy medical practice.

The staff at Sharp Creative consulted the specifications and concept drawings in order to make their recommendations. Sharp Creative was able to provide EnviroHEALTH PVC-free plank tile flooring, Livingstone cabinets in three color schemes, Viatera quartz counters, Galleria ceramic tile and elite Wolf Gordon Rampart impact-resistant wall protection. Sharp Creative worked in concert with architect, Erik Eklund of Analogue Studio in Boston, general contractor, Reynolds Construction of Plymouth, and the physicians to choose colors that were coordinated and would bring together a bright, nature-centric interior atmosphere. This helped eliminate the “lower level doldrums” that are often found in facilities with few windows or windows that don’t allow much natural light. Creating a great palette of inspirational colors played a key role in the success of the space.

Sharp Creative visited the project site many times throughout the installation phases and left no details unaddressed or questions unanswered. Because of the compressed construction schedule, manufacturing times had to be expedited to bring product in on time so as not to miss the opening deadline. Our solid relationship with our suppliers helped us make that happen.

Sharp Creative was proud and pleased to be able to bring all of these resources from our variety of product lines and our personal “hands-on” service into play and have them contribute to the creation a beautiful space for a long and bright future.

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