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The Home Office/Study Space in the New Paradigm

Work-from-Home and Distance Learning Offer Many Benefits and
We Can Help Make it Happen Quickly and Affordably

As we adjust to our “new normal,” we see huge shifts in human and cultural behavior which will be with us for years to come. None may be more noticeable than the “Work from Home” or “Distance Learning” movements. As more businesses and school districts see that their employees or students can thrive in an at-home work or study environment, it is important to help service the needs of the “new” workforce and classroom. We’ve compiled a portfolio of home office or study area ideas that can be designed to create an efficient, and effective work/study environment using Sharp Creative’s creative counters, cabinets, and accessories.

Welcome to the new corner office/study space

This is a standard desk with floating shelves and a 4 file-drawer base.

This area can easily blend into your home

A home office or study area can easily blend in with the rest of your home. This concept incorporates open bookcases to highlight home decor,books and

family photos. The design features two standard bookcase cabinets along witha roll out

tray option for printer/scanner storage.

The area can be a peninsula

Our third concept centers around creating a large peninsula shaped work/study space anchored by built-ins. While the desk is a larger design in terms of space, it offers the ability to be a shared workspace for those with multiple remote workers under one roof.

Custom-made tradition

This concept features a traditional desk custom-made to your specifications and includes both comfort and storage. Classic book shelves frame a desk built out of three drawer bases and our classic wood counter top.

Refresh with a private executive suite

For those with extra space or a home office needing a refresh, this private executive suite brings everything from your traditional office into the

comfort of your own home.

Create a versatile corner design

This version of the new corner home study/office offers storage along with the versatility of a corner design. Open shelving leaves room to display prized possessions or academic awards while lift-up doors make room for larger items such as files, printers and supplies to be tucked away nearby.

Even smaller spaces can feel big

Small spaces don’t have to feel small. This simple study nook has the flexibility

for a laptop or a monitor and keyboard with storage nearby to tuck the work

away when the day is done.

The professionals at Sharp Creative have years of design experience and can help you add value to your home by giving you a dedicated space to work or study and avoid the hustle and bustle that occurs in the rest of the home. We can help create balance to your life. Contact us at 617-922-9838 or email us at or and get started today.

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