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Gore Vidal once said, “In writing and politicking, it’s best not to think about it, just do it.” So here it is. Welcome to the first edition of the Sharp Creative Blog. We hope in some small way that the information we will share and the discussions we will start in this forum will cause a moment or two of reflection on the week’s topic. Please use what you might learn on pending and future projects for their successful outcomes, your clients’ ultimate satisfaction and to add to the quality and exceptionalism of your designs.

Sharp Creative was founded with the belief that all of the products we chose to represent will make a dynamic, positive statement about your project. We believe our slogan, “Creative interior finishes that make a statement.” is to the point and succinct but how do we define "statement"? The word “statement” used in this way can mean a unique trend setting design or it can mean superior quality product construction or perhaps the finest array of tomorrow's colorways and finally, it can mean the most environmentally friendly products for your client. These are just some of the pathways that can make a "statement.” But taking it a step further, we need to look more closely at the products we are working with. We can show our clients how they can impact the labor and installation costs of a product (easily contributing to up to 60% of your project budget) and this surely makes a statement. We also show how these products actually provide a useful “value added” contribution to the design intent or creative goal of the design professional. Too many times we see a product focus on the “award winning” façade or lobby and then specifying the old stand-bys for the secondary areas of the plan. Wouldn’t it be a terrific statement to choose a variety of products from a manufacturer that allowed the use of their premium products and their more economical lines to meet design and budget requirements yet providing consistency and superior performance? The end result would be a forward thinking win-win for all parties with the use of trending product technologies of tomorrow.

At Sharp Creative our sole purpose is to work with you or with your staff as a team and engage in helping to choose from a wide selection of the latest products from around the world and, yes, products manufactured in New England and the Northeast, which provide efficiencies of shipping and logistics which can vastly improve the project schedule. These are technically advanced products that rise above many of the project site conditions which have, in the past, contributed to product failures and these are the products of tomorrow that guarantee design longevity and contribute to the ultimate in sustainability.

One such product we represent, for example, is American Biltrite's AB Pure rubber flooring tiles, sheet material, treads and risers. AB Pure's unique rubber formulation is void of crystalline silicates found in other rubber products and considered unhealthful and is the only rubber product available today which boasts true fade resistance in accordance with the ASTM1515 Light Stability standard. These unique features along with tomorrow's colorways and combined with adhesive systems that can endure up to 99Rh slab conditions, means that this product can complement your design of tomorrow as well as provide the performance needed for many years. Please let us know when you are ready to consider American Biltrite AB Pure rubber flooring on your next project and we would be happy to help you learn more about it.

The Word of the Week

COLORWAY (plural colorways) In art and design it is the schema of two or more colors in which a design is available. It is often used to describe either variegated or shades of a single color of print yarns, fabric, or thread. It can also be applied to apparel, wallpaper and other interior design themes.

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