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Introducing the Wove Collection from Totally Carpets

Wove is finally here and it is truly a category defying product that sets Totally apart from all of the other the mills in Dalton, GA.

Wove Durable

Only Totally has the capability and vision to produce something this new and exciting. Plus we have the pricing reasonableness built into the line.

Wove Tight

In terms of style, Wove and its coordinates deliver tight tailored aesthetics ideal for modern interiors. When it comes to performance, Wove is as tough as it gets. Its unique Construction blurs the distinction between carpet and hard surface. In places where LVT is a slip hazard and traditional carpet isn’t warranted, Wove can bring style and performance no one else can offer.

Wove looks great in broadloom or square or plank tiles. The collection features seven colors and three coordinates, Wove Lock, Wove Extension, and Wove Perm. It can be easily customized with any of Totally’s running line colors.

1076 Wove Lock 1078 Wove Extension 1077 Wove Perm

What company is producing truly innovative products that meet a need in the marketplace no one else can?


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